Current Work

Black Holes – Restructuring Matter’, takes the challenge of representing the visually unrenderable: gas, light and movement. With stitch in paper I interpret the fascinating phenomena of Black Holes; each piece uses thread to represent the colours of space. Hand stitching allows time for mediation and contemplation.

A black hole is not empty space. It is a great amount of matter packed into a tiny area resulting in a field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape its pull. Black holes are thought to hold matter and energy prisoner before eventually releasing them, albeit in a garbled form. This may be an analogy of many people’s lives today; pulled into the dark prison of consumerism.

Spring – Machine Embroidery

I found an old photograph taken whilst still living in the United Kingdom. It was taken in the woods near our home in Seer Green, Buckinghamshire as as we are coming up to Spring now in Australia I thought it was the perfect time to interpret it into stitch.  Very pleased with the result.

Spring - Machine embroidery by Tamara Russell -