Slow Stitching Patchwork Pouch

Slow down with meditative stitching

What’s it all about? 

Slow Stitching is where we step into slow. It allows you to slow down in a hectic world and take pleasure in simple stitches and simple processes.

This workshop mixes the principals of eco craft with the ancient tradition of slow stitching to create a beautiful pouch. See how to slow down and experience more joy in your craft by trying simple techniques based on traditional practice, reusing and reinventing materials with limited equipment. Enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with producing your own unique and beautiful patchwork pouch. It’s a great way to use up smaller scraps of fabric and make a beautiful and useful item for yourself or as a gift. 

What will we cover? 

Slow stitching centres around the “make do and mend” and “waste not, want not” ethos of yesteryear. It is a nod to the generations that came before ours in which reusing and recycling were necessary and admirable. This is not a complicated process which relies on numerous perfectly executed stitches and fastidious neatness, but rather, it’s about embracing the timeworn nature of our materials, and the individuality of our stitching methods. 

The workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced stitchers. You will learn simple stitch techniques for connecting pieces to a base cloth using the colours and patterns of the cloth and choice of thread to create your own individual pouch.  Come, pick up a needle and thread and lose yourself in this meditative process where simplicity is key.

There is no right or wrong way to approach your Slow Stitch project. Relax and unwind whilst experiencing the joy and gratification of being immersed in mindful creativity, hand stitching a personalised work of art. Gain the well-being benefits of mindful creating and crafting.

What to bring:

Although all materials are supplied, students are encouraged to bring with them any textiles that they would like to incorporate into their finished piece. This could include any repurposed, recycled, inherited, and vintage textiles you may have

What is provided:

  • Backing fabric approx. 20 x 25cm 
  • Choice of silk and cotton fabric scraps