Solitude -

Tamara Russell is a Textile Artist and passionate advocate of sustainable living specialising in free machine embroidery, hand stitching and mending based in Melbourne, Australia. In her textile practice, she explores her surroundings interpreting what she sees in embroidery. Her work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands and Australia.

I explore my surroundings and interpret what I see through the medium of embroidery. In my works composition, I combine light, colour, shape and texture to recreate images that inspire me. I consider myself a painter using thread, an artist painting with a needle. My work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom and Australia.

I regularly hold classes teaching hand embroidery, free machine embroidery, creating from reclaimed materials and various forms of mending. See my scheduled classes here or contact me to arrange individual or group sessions.

I was taught to sew by my mother as a teenager and love making my clothes and mending them as they age.  I enjoy personalising my wardrobe through embellishment and visible mending.  Fast fashion is not sustainable so we need to love the clothes we already own and work harder to make them last. By mending our clothes we create a bond with them ensuring we wear them longer. Come along to a mending workshop and learn how to revitalise your wardrobe.

International Shipping – If you would like to have my work shipped overseas, please contact me.  I will find the most cost effective way to ship your items.

Lighthouse - machine embroidered landscape by Tamara Russell -