Take a pair of Jeans

What’s it all about? – 

Have a pair or two of jeans that are past wearing? Learn how to turn them into a range of items with very little waste.  You will learn how to cut them down to create bags, pouches, patches, placemats and coasters among other things.

Learn how to stitch patchwork blocks using recycled cloth to embed meaning into your piece. You will learn a simple running stitch which can be used for connecting pieces to a background using the Log Cabin patchwork technique. 

Using precious scraps of cloth, which can come from clothes you can no longer wear, allows you to slow down in a hectic world and take pleasure in simple stitches to creatively mend or create a masterpiece

What will we cover?

We will begin with some sewing basics, learn how to cut up your jeans to save as much fabric as possible. Then it will be time to get creative, cutting, applying beautiful stitching and creating new items from your jeans. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced stitchers.

You to bring 

  • A pair of old jeans beyond repair
  • Feel free to bring any fabric, thread or embellishments you may like to add too
  • Most importantly your imagination and enthusiasm!