Recreate your wardrobe

We all have items of clothing sitting in our wardrobes unworn, because they don’t fit anymore or they simply need a little love. Whether it’s a cherished vintage item, a back of the wardrobe lurker or an op-shop find that could do with adjusting or needs sprucing up, a few basic sewing skills and some thought will get your old favourites or shopping mistakes ready to be cherished again.

Join the sustainable fashion revolution – We need to buy less, buy better and keep asking questions about the realities behind what we’re purchasing. We need to love the clothes we already own more and work harder to make them last. Don’t pay for pricey alterations, buy new clothes or add to the mountain of second-hand clothing our charity stores are drowning in. Instead learn how to create sustainable fashion items to cherish from what you already own.

This workshop aims to inspire creative thinking about ways to extend the useful life of unloved clothes. Bring along a few garments from your wardrobe that need repair, you aren’t wearing anymore or some op-shop finds.  Ideas will be discussed to adapt them and make changes using easy hand and machine sewing. You may like to remake two or three items into one, visibly mend an item or remake it altogether! The workshop will be driven by the mending and alteration projects bought along by you. This workshop is suitable for both beginners and competent stitchers.

Go to the Workshops page to book in! Or use the contact form to register for future workshops or to discuss times and dates convenient to you for groups interested in booking a workshop.

Some tools and materials will be provided along with a handout of stitches.

What to bring:

  • Multiple items of clothing needing repair, reconstruction or embellishment,
  • Any fabrics for reconstruction, applique or patching,
  • Embellishments (buttons, shells, patches, etc),
  • Any thread you would like to use (embroidery thread, yarn, wool, etc),
  • Personal sewing kit (scissors, pins and needles)
  • Sewing machine (if possible)
  • Your imagination and enthusiasm