Mending with Darning and Needle Felting

Mend your clothes make them as individual as you

Come along to a relaxing and fun workshop and learn how to make the clothes you love last.  You will learn to repair and embellish your clothing making them a delight to wear again.

You will learn how different forms of darning and needle felting. Mending is a great life skill which can save you money, save your clothes and reduce your impact on the environment! 

Your Grandparents would have known how to make things around the home and their clothes last by repairing and remaking. In this workshop you will be shown traditional repair skills which enable you to add contemporary flair to darning your clothes. Mending can become an opportunity for wonderful decoration as well as saving money and reducing the amount of clothing going to landfill. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced stitchers.

Go to the Workshops page to book in! Or use the contact form to register for future workshops or to discuss times and dates convenient to you for groups interested in booking a workshop.

Tools and materials including darning mushrooms, needle felting tools, yarn and wool roving are available to use in the workshop.

What to bring:

  • Garments (jumpers, t-shirts, socks, wool jackets etc.) that have rips or holes that needs repairing,
  • Any yarn you would like to use (embroidery thread, yarn, wool, etc),
  • Personal sewing kit (scissors, pins and needles)
  • Your imagination and enthusiasm