Moreland Quilt Design

Moreland Quilt Session - Bob Hawke Centre, Coburg

The Moreland Quilt was pieced together from pieces created in the stitching sessions, pieces made at home or at other events.  The project took place from January – June 2017. Piecing together of the quilt/s took place in July with the final exhibition being in August

All pieces represented participants memories, visions, favourite places, teams or anything which represented the City of Moreland to them.

Participants pieces for the Moreland Quilt project

I requested that the pieces created be:

  • Single squares need to have a stitched area of 10cm square with a seam allowance of 1.5 cm all round – 13cm square fabric pieces.
  • Or if working as a group or people wanted to create a larger piece it just needed to be created in 10cm sq multiples with again a 1.5cm seam allowance on the out edges. eg: for a finished piece of 30 x 50 cm the piece would need to be cut to 33 x 53 cm.
  • Pieces were created in stitch, crochet, knitting, pasting fabric together, drawing on fabric with fabric or sharpie pens, photography transfer or any other method you can think of!  Participants ere just asked to remember that all pieces needed to have a fabric back to enable them to be stitched together to form the final quilts.

Participants were asked to make sure that they attached a tag to their work with the name/s of contributors, their suburb and their email so that they could be invited to the final exhibition of the quilts.

The Moreland Quilt

Stories Gathered

Participants pieces for the Moreland Quilt project