Patch sets – Wool and Wool mix

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Sets includes 6 pieces different wool and wool mix fabric.


6 pieces of wool and wool mix patches measuring approx. 21cm x 16cm. Great for patching, slow stitching, patchwork and boro collage.

Sets includes 6 pieces different pieces of wool weave and knit fabrics in varying thickness.

These patches  have been recycled from cast-off clothing.  In good clean condition, ready for use. All recycled fabric has been washed before entering my smoke free studio for deconstruction.

As all cloth is recycled each set contents may vary slightly from the one shown in the photo.

Mending supplies -
4 RedBlack
Mending supplies -
2 Red
Mending supplies -
3 Green
Mending supplies -
4 Chocolate

Additional information

Set Number

1 RedBlack, 2 Red, 3 Green, 4 Chocolate