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Join the Cause Collective

The Cause has big changes and VERY exciting opportunities ahead!

Are you an emerging brand, small brand operating solely through online sales, or recent fashion graduate? WELL THIS OPPORTUNITY IS FOR YOU!


Our beautiful CBD basement boutique is looking for Australian emerging and small brands interested in a space to design, produce and sell all on site.

With the recent closure of many beloved Melbourne boutiques, The Cause recognises a need for Central space to showcase small and emerging Australian designers.

12494987_472119376326985_6797361735381129276_n The Cause is over 100m square of retail space with a HUGE FULLY FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTION FLOOR with 14 industrial machines, massive cutting table and studio space on site.

Owner and co-founder of New Model Beauty Queen and The Cause Dale Cornell will lead the meeting and take you on a tour through the space.

We look forward to seeing you all! ☺

Check out The Cause:

Being engaged with The Cause Collective will give you the opportunity to also access our Brunswick facilities, including full industrial screen-printing facilities. We have a 16m yardage printing table, carousels and very large screens to let your design ideas go wild!,0s785x781

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