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Jewellery Casting at Northcity4

homepagelogo2Jewellery Casting is creative and fun and the results are virtually immediate. In our Jewellery Casting course we teach you very simple skills to carve models in wax which then get transformed into jewellery by the ancient art of lost wax casting – EASY!

Anyone can do this entry level course and produce a range of silver jewellery in five weeks. Included in the course is the opportunity to recycle your unwanted silver jewellery and melt and pour metal into your own carved cuttlefish mold.

Click the two images below to see two short movies of the cuttlefish casting process.

You have until this Friday 22/1 to take advantage of our EARLY BIRD price of $400 for the 5 week course starting Saturday 6th February 10am – 1pm



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