Visible Mending workshop

Come along to a relaxing and fun workshop of slow sewing and learn hand stitching techniques with lots of creative possibilities for repairing & enhancing your clothes and household textiles. Stitching is a great life skill which can save you money, save your clothes and reduce your impact on the environment!

Join the sustainable fashion revolution – We need to buy less, buy better and keep asking questions about the realities behind what we’re purchasing. We need to love the clothes we already own more and work harder to make them last.

Your Grandparents would have known how to make things around the home and their clothes last by repairing and remaking. In this workshop you will be shown traditional repair skills which enable you to add contemporary flair to patching and darning your clothes. Mending can become an opportunity for wonderful decoration as well as saving money and reducing the amount of clothing going to landfill.

This workshop runs for either a half or full day and is suitable for both beginners and more experienced stitchers. Men are encouraged to attend!  Use the contact form to register for the next workshop or to arrange a date if there are a few of you interested. 

Some tools and materials will be provided along with a handout of stitches.

What to bring:

  • A garment or home textile (tea towel or tablecloth) that have rips or holes that needs repairing,
  • Any fabrics for reconstruction, applique or patching,
  • Embellishments (buttons, patches, etc),
  • Any thread you would like to use (embroidery thread, yarn, wool, etc),
  • Personal sewing kit (scissors, pins and needles)
  • Your imagination and enthusiasm