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The Coburg Quest – MoreArt 2015

The Coburg Quest – 8-28th November 2015

A project as part of MoreArt

The Coburg Quest is an interactive treasure hunt through hidden venues in Coburg, where participants meet gatekeepers of secrets, uncover clues and solve riddles. The Coburg Quest is part of MoreArt, 2015, and will run from the 8th to the 29th of November, with a final quiz on the 29th. Anyone can participate and sign up at

The Coburg Quest seeks to bring together different facets of the suburb in mixed bag of activities. Through the week, participants will be SMSed ‘green’ challenges which spark a personal artistic practice in their immediate surrounds, and on weekends will receive ‘red’ challenges which take them further afield in the suburb. Participants might throw boomerangs in the morning with the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Boomerang Association, and visit historical sites opened especially for the Quest. Clues and riddles scattered through the ‘red’ challenges will trigger questions for the end of Quest Quiz where one team will be crowned the Queens of Coburg.

Coburg’s active and diverse multicultural community has resulted in many small pockets of activity from sport to arts, to history and language. The Quest seeks to string these communities together like beads on a thread. It celebrates community and participation, and is open to all ages, including non-arts audiences. Most importantly, it will be fun!

MoreArt is a temporary public art event that invites artists from all disciplines to engage with and investigate within Moreland’s distinctive and often unexplored urban spaces. The Coburg Quest exemplifies MoreArts 2015 theme: Participation, which seeks to get locals to take part in all activities.

Ben Landau is the designer of The Coburg Quest. He designs relational situations which question our social values.

All information on The Coburg Quest including a sign up page, can be found at

For more information please contact Ben Landau, 0404229360, info@benlandau.comimage001

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