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Pity The Poor Workers

The Age 25062016

Thank you Marita Molloy for this great letter to the editor in this Saturday’s Age. It reflects so many people’s thoughts around the issue of textile waste to landfill. It also reflects our concerns around rampant consumerism and the ongoing issue of throw away fashion.  A shame Westfarmers don’t use their commercial power to improve the ethicacy of their supply chains and the longevity of their products.

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The Slow Clothing Project

Every day, we eat and we dress. We have become conscious of our food, it is time to become more conscious of our clothing.Tamara-making-1024x610

I love the Slow Clothing project instigated by Jane Milburn at Textile Beat . The project is a social enterprise inspiring a creative approach to the way we dress, through slow clothing. ‘We believe in ethical, sustainable choices that don’t harm people or the planet. We want to know the story about where clothing comes from and we believe in care and repair, refashion and restyle of existing clothing using old-fashioned home-sewing skills.’

I have contributed to this project.