Seasons – Winter


Red Centre – The Rain Came is inspired by the colour changes Central Australia goes through when it rains. The landscape changes from red, dusty soil to a kaleidoscope of colour with plants bursting into colour.

Embroidery thread on reclaimed wood – 73 cm long x 15 cm wide x 10 cm high

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Seasons is inspired by the colour changes in nature as our seasons change

This series of work uses colour and shape to portray each season for Autumn (leaves in red and orange), Summer (water in blue), Spring (new growth in green and yellow) and Winter (Ice in white) to create sculptural bowls.

To create her sculptural works Tamara draws with thread using a domestic sewing machine and a fabric that dissolves in water. This unique process and fabric allows her to build up densely stitched structures that hold together once the base fabric is dissolved. By repeatedly stitching embroidery thread over itself Tamara creates intricate, three-dimensional forms that are representations of the patterns and structures found in nature.

  • Embroidery thread on soluble fabric
  • Approximately 17 across x 9 cm high




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