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Norm Warehouse Pozible campaign

The story of the project

Norm is a warehouse.  Since 2012 we have been providing low-cost space, tools and skills to local makers, artists, designers, tinkerers… everyone.  We’re a not-for-profit and rely entirely on volunteers to pull the strings and oil the wheels.

But the next few months won’t be easy!  Our lazy Brunswick streets have become a frantic, life-sized lego land and our warehouse is destined for the chopping block.  Our lease is up.  Our building will be turned into apartments. We’re outta here.

We’ve found a new home in Coburg but we need your help to renovate. We need to build studios and set up the workshop. While we’re at it we’d like to improve our facilities. Give big so we can give back!

Go to their Pozible fundraiser to pledge –

Our vision for the new place

In the front of the warehouse we will build 12 studios and some common areas.
Here’s where you’ll find cleaner tools like our sewing machines and 3D printer.

In the back of the warehouse you’ll find our workshop.  It will be a bigger, better version of what we currently have.

How the funds will be used

With the funds raised here we are going to:
$1000 will help cover moving costs.  This includes things like hiring a truck.
$7000 will buy building materials.  It adds up!  This will comprise of timber, yellow-tongue flooring, screws and nails, cladding and paint.

Any extra cash will help improve our workshop.  A proper dust extraction system is our dream!
If we make quite a bit of extra cash we’ll be able to subsidise our courses (making them super cheap for everyone) as well as developing more classes with professional craftspeople from our community.

If we hit $10k we will get a local artist to paint shit on the walls! But if you REALLY give a shit about art, you can fast track this by choosing “The Commissioner” as your reward.

If we hit $12k we will buy a panel saw, develop a new woodworking course, and unlock a new reward…

If we hit $15k we’ll buy a kiln, develop a ceramics course, and unlock a new reward…

What we do

At NORM we see a great spread of different projects, classes, collaborations and skills.

We have a workshop, studios and a big flexible space. We also run classes and generally encourage as much play as possible.

The Workshop.

Our upstairs space, for events, meetings, rehearsals, stitching.

A studio holder with a sculptural fruitbowl made here at Norm.


Moving is always a big job, and we have 600m2 of nooks and crannies to clean out, sort out and relocate.
We’ve got a good community all geared up to help, so with a few cups of tea and a spreadsheet or two we’re sure we can get our collective head around that one!
We are also lucky enough to have a few carpenters and builders in our midst who will oversee the project.  We’re very excited about the renovations… this learning curve will be steep.

Once we’re in the new place we’re going to need to fill our extra studio spaces. Finding new faces for our family we hope will be quick and easy, however we know this isn’t always the case.

This move is a great chance for us to stop and examine (and improve!) how we’re doing things, increase our activity, and grow our resources.

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