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New Farmers Market for Moreland

Moreland Primary School
Cnr Moreland Road and De Carle St.
(Mel Ref 29 H4)
9am to 2pm
On the 3rd Sunday of each month

Regional Farmers Markets (RFM)  building and operating vibrant farmers markets with a team of over 250 growers and producers. We encourage each of these market communities ‘to fall in love with local food’ by fulfilling our commitment to:

  • Provide fresh local, seasonal food and produce with diversity and high quality.
  • Support healthy and sustainable lifestyles for families and communities.
  • Create an environment where people engage with the stallholders and each other and take pride in this sense of connectedness and belonging.
  • Support all our growers and producers to prosper and promote the health and sustainability of the natural environment.


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