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Moreland Public Art Prospects Panel & MoreArt Awards

Making it in Moreland – Public Art Prospects

A Fantastic discussion today at Jewell Station, Brunswick around Public Art The discussion centred around what are the prospects for public art in Moreland? Looking at the interests of artists creating work in the public sphere and how Council can respond to new and emerging trends in public art. A very informative session.

And congratulations to the winners of MoreArt for 2015 are:

Altered States  – Chris Humphries – Coburg Library
 Altered States Chris Humphries
In the age of the ‘selfie’, as a society we have become quite obsessed with the superficial representation of ourselves and others. Altered
States hopes to produce portraits that are considered and multifaceted, using dramatic lighting, meeting and talking to the subject and considering how the subject relates to the text.
Suburban Therapy  – Ok Collective – Mechanics Institute/Wilson Ave/Jewell Station
‘Neighbour’s dog keeping you awake at night? Depressed about the spread of multistorey living? Street full of potholes? You’ve got those Suburban Blues, my friend!’ Swing by the Suburban Therapy cart,
situated in various places around Brunswick’s Sydney Road precinct, and take a load off. Sit down, unwind and share your tales,
troubles, tribulations and even your tabouleh recipes, and our resident artist will chat with you and whip up a small artwork that you can take away as the result of your ‘therapy’ session. Our artists are Moreland locals or passionate visitors and are keen to ‘draw out’ your anecdotes and woes.
The Coburg Quest – Ben Landau
CoburgQuestUse your wits to solve challenges along a rollicking
series of adventures through Coburg. Anyone can
form a team, and sign up to daily ‘green’ tasks, and
the more difficult weekend ‘red’ tasks.
Meet fascinating strangers, the gatekeepers of
stories, who open doors to secret places. Listen
carefully and watch closely, because every clue you
collect could help you in the final quiz, where the
winner will be crowned the Queen of the Coburg


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