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Luninous Numinous by Claire Lefebvre

b70bff32-91db-4aeb-b2e8-f02ba5505a49d7e43b98-854e-4a66-aca2-e01a30b29f0521 April ~ 01 May
Opening Friday 22 April, 6 – 9pm

Luminous (adj): “bright or glowing”
Numinous (adj): “having a mysterious or spiritual quality”.  ec66d16f-0207-4bdc-84b7-e30e28058e19Colour, light and wonderment inform Melbourne painter, Claire Lefebvre’s latest solo exhibition ‘Luminous Numinous’. Through the use of poured paint, meticulous lines and delicate pointillism, Claire’s works invoke personal moments of discovery. Each pool of layered pigment is an invitation for wonderment, contemplation and meditation. These mysterious, pulsating fields of colour and multiplicity explore a trait that unites us as humans: inherent curiosity.

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