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Find your inner artist

Great quote, so many of us loose touch with our inner child as we age.   As children we love making some type of art – painting, singing, writing, dancing, playing music or making things. But for many of us  busy lives take over, people tell us we are or aren’t good enough and other activities take over our spare time.

Through our school years we hear that our picture of a our friends don’t look like them. You start to notice people get excited about your friends singing but not about yours. Creating got stressful, nerve wracking and created the fear of not being good enough.

So here’s what we must do if we want the joy of making art back. We must reclaim our artistic loves –

  • because creating is rewarding, fun and calming, all at the same time.
  • because it’s spiritual, healing, transformative
  • because it will help your physical health by reducing the effects of  stress
  • because it will make you a kinder, more generous person to be around.

And if there are kids in your life – let them see an adult, happily creating for the joy of it.



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Beautiful textile work by Bozena Wojtaszek

I have just come across the lovely work of Polish textile artist Bozena Wojtaszek.  Bozena lives in Poland and creates gorgeous art quilts. I love the way she starts with scraps of material to create such beautiful work.  She says her quilts are a contemporary way to involve art in everyday life, to let it into our houses, on the tables. Her creations are mostly inspired by the charm of small things and are made to give the same feeling of beauty. I really like the way she uses a mixture of hand and machine sewing in her works.

Her blog is called Textile Cuisine where you can go and see more of her work and she also has an Etsy shop

You can see her at work on YouTube.

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Top Design

Out and about in Melbourne on a lovely sunny Monday visiting #TopDesigns at #MelbourneMuseum. From solar powered vehicles, fashion, food and product design to great photography and work books. The amazing up and coming talent from Victorian high schools. Shame we weren’t offered some of these fantastic subjects when I was at school! I would have loved to try to create anything half as good.

Top Design



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Updating my Website to WordPress

Over the past week I have been updating from Dreamweaver to WordPress to ensure that it is mobile enabled as Google have brought in their new search requirements.  Lots of work learning new layouts, plugins and using much forgotten coding!  But it is finally up and running. I still have more items to load over the next week or so but would love feedback on what you think. Suggestions for improvements are also most welcome.  Now must away and get changed as my lovely daughter is taking me to the ballet this evening.