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Biota by Design & Other and Darren Song

b70bff32-91db-4aeb-b2e8-f02ba5505a49 05 ~ 15 May
Opening Thursday 05 May, 6 – 9pm

Biota, by Design & Other (Cameron Lofthouse and Monica Placella) in collaboration with Darren Song is a series of works on paper exploring form, colour and shape.

The merging of D&O’s pixelated silkscreen prints and Song’s intricate thread atop paper result in vivid tactile landscapes. Deconstructed elements of flora and their surrounds are interlaced with hand stitched zoomorphic designs.

Singapore born Darren Song moved to Melbourne to study Communication Design in 2003, and now works as a senior designer/art director. During his spare time, he stitches on paper and other old ephemera. His stitchings have been featured in art and design blogs and magazines. Stitch by stitch; layers upon layers, his works call for patience, allowing beauty of imperfection, or simply… thread on paper.
Design & Other is a creative partnership between Melbourne-based designers Cameron Lofthouse and Monica Placella. Founded in 2009, the ongoing project places an emphasis on independence, fluidity and collaboration and has seen Lofthouse and Placella complete a wide span of projects both locally and abroad. Their work merges computer-based and handmade design processes and investigates the interface between art and design practice.



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