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Become an active citizen ☀️

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

#Repost @fashionforgood
Become an active citizen through your wardrobe – @liviafirth.

The most sustainable outfit is the one that you already own – @orsoladecastro.

6 days to go until @slowfashionseason starts – but only if 10,000 people sign up!

The idea is simple – 10,000 people deciding to not buy anything new for 3 months, instead focusing on #mending, #swapping, #upcycling, #borrowing, #sewing, #thrifting and loving the clothes you already own.

The potential impact of us all working together to extend the life of what we have is massive – last year 2625 people took part and collectively saved 90,000,000 liters of water and 360,000 kg of carbon emissions. Think what 10,000 people can do!

Over 8,800 people have already signed up to take part, but we need your help to spread the word to get us over the line! Tag someone you think would be up for the challenge in the comments – you can sign up and find all info about the challenge at or through the link in our bio. Let’s do this!

#slowfashionseason #slowfashion #secondhandfirst #sustainablefashion

Photo taken at: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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