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‘A Fashion Data Base’ Art Resource

Art Quill & Co. is determined to make available Art Resources for students and artists who are interested in dyeing, screen printing and creating art using cloth as the medium. Hence Studio Director, Marie-Therese Wisniowski’s blog spot, Art Quill Studio has a dedicated blog in the first week of every month specifically aimed at informing and educating students/artists with respect to making art on cloth.

A recent Art Resource blog is titled, ‘A Fashion Data Base – Edition 1’ and is available at – it is the third data base in the Art Quill series. The data base is organized around the influential period of the fashion designers rather than when they were born or when they died. The 73 page document can be easily downloaded as a PDF and so may be a useful reference for students and/or wearable artists.

The data base cannot be a one-stop shop containing everything, but it will be updated from time-to-time and updates will be announced when or if they occur. It enables visitors to browse and search for their favourite designers.

If you think it is useful they would appreciate it if you could direct others to the site.

Feedback or suggestions for corrections and future inclusions and welcome . Please contact with any further ‘Haute Couture’ designers that should be included in the database at the following email address –

For your information, the first database in the Art Quill series – ‘Glossary of Terms and Fabrics’ Art Resource has been updated to version 3.2 and now contains 227 pages of textile related definitions.

The second database in the Art Quill series – ‘Timelines of Fabrics, Dyes and Other Stuff‘ Art Resource has been updated to version 1.4 and now contains 95 pages of textile related definitions.MTW Spoonflower Shop 1

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