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Latest issue of Garland

Garland #2 - Stockdale

Punjab – Adelaide – Nagaland – Sulawesi – Ghana – Ahmedabad – Thailand – Mexico

Garland continues its journey to the places behind the objects we make. Issue #2 features a quarterly essay by Gopika Nath about a remarkable textile that threads the tumultuous history of modern India.

Garland spends time in Adelaide, renowned for its craft production, learning about the life-story of the Kink, a craft classic from the JamFactory, the legendary Gate 8 as the inaugural Workshops of the World, reflections on the craft revival by academic Susan Luckman and ceramicist Damon Moon and Guildhouse’s marvellous Traditional Crafts program.

Garland also takes a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the Adelaide Biennial, exploring the making processes and journeys of Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Louise Haselton, Jacqui Stockdale and Heather B. Swann.

And much more, including all you ever wanted to know about wearing a turban.

Garland is an online platform for thoughtful writing about handmade objects in our world. The longform essays are available to subscribers, whose support enables commissioned pieces that honour the value of well-crafted objects today.


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Poppy Seed Festival 2016

Applications for the 2016 Poppy Seed Theatre Festival will open on April 1st
After experiencing great success in 2015, Poppy Seed Theatre Festival is back for another year. We can’t wait to find four of Melbourne’s most interesting theatre companies to support and collaborate with in 2016.

Poppy Seed provides a platform for independent theatre companies to get their work noticed by enabling greater audience access, providing established Melbourne venues for performance, and providing theatre companies with opportunities to meet and collaborate with their peers and colleagues. We also provide companies with a $7,500 production budget along with budgetary and marketing guidance.

Two information nights will be held in April on the following dates:

Info Night #1: Sunday 10th April, 2PM – 4PM @ The Studio, 8 Munster Terrace, North Melbourne, 3051

Info Night #2: Thursday 21st April 7PM – 9PM @ The Studio, 8 Munster Terrace, North Melbourne, 3051

For more info visit


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Independent Arts Sector Survey Results

Trying to get a handle on the state of independent artists is tricky.   The Incubator have a large network of independent artists in all art forms . . . so, each year they take it upon themselves to conduct the independent artists profile survey.

Here’s the snapshot of what independent artists were thinking, and feeling about their lives and their practice in 2015. Read the full report027ac284-8eb6-4014-8658-880139d29a72

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Melbourne Design Market

Lamp-63-1060x706.184155It’s Time – Apply now for the winter market

Share your story and sell your products to the thousands of design-lovers that flock to the Melbourne Design Market. We are looking for stand-out products and new releases. They will form part of our curated offer to a highly interested and appreciative audience.

Apply here now.  Last date for applications 15 April.Melbourne Design Market

Federation Square Undercover Carpark
Sunday June 19, 2016

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Strange Holiday


Opening Thursday 24 March, 6pm8219d59e-afb3-4682-adc5-52f4efe88659

Strange Holiday brings together the work of Melbourne based artists Lauren Nicholson and Roxanne Colk in their first exhibition together. Both artists make a return to painting around bonds to childhood, memory and place.
Lauren’s work aims to convey emotion through visions of other times and places, and a desire for new perspectives. Figurative and abstract forms mix and meet feelings of escapism and connection.
Roxanne’s work revisits childhood memories and back yard tomfooleries of her hometown on the Gold Coast with a collection of works featuring bright landscapes, surreal natural oddities and animated attractions of the Sunshine State.

Top: Roxanne Colk   Bottom: Lauren Nicholson
Roxanne Colk
Lauren Nicholson796d1809-92ce-4f9d-8f9b-694eaedc88bb   c734c763-4e28-4171-9ae3-cd71c1b027a5

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