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French Knitted Knotty Coasters

A fun project for a grey Sunday from A bit of nautical knottery! 

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Linda McLauglin

Beautiful stitching by #Linda-McLaughlin. And a great idea on her blog where she creates a new leaf each week. Http:// 

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Jessie Deane

This is Jessie Deane’s piece, “Maersk Containers” which was shortlisted for the inaugural 2015 Victoria Craft Award – beautiful stitching and wonderful colours.

Jessie Deane is a textile artist from Yarraville in Melbourne’s west. She recently won the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Best Visual Arts Award for her exhibition, ‘(Thr)edifice’ and her latest exhibition, ‘Stitching Spotswood’, is currently showing at the Duchess of Spotswood. “My work captures, in thread, the richness I find in the decaying urban facades and streetscapes of Melbourne’s west. Stitch-by-stitch, in vibrant colour, I recreate these abandoned, fading or forgotten structures that are for me, objects of beauty.” You can view more of her work here.

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Black Holes – Restructuring Matter

In 2015, the curatorial theme for the Banyule Award for works on paper is In Space

Space surrounds us; we are in space, as space is in us.

Space is private and public, it is emotional and psychological, and it can be transformed, stimulated and activated, or neutralized and void.

Space is subjective; it is social, cultural, and psychological.

I have just submitted this piece comprising of 4 black holes so fingers crossed!

Black Holes – Restructuring Matter’, takes the challenge of representing the visually unrenderable: gas, light and movement. With stitch in paper I interpret the fascinating phenomena of Black Holes; each piece uses thread to represent the colours of space. Hand stitching allows time for mediation and contemplation.

A black hole is not empty space. It is a great amount of matter packed into a tiny area resulting in a field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape its pull. Black holes are thought to hold matter and energy prisoner before eventually releasing them, albeit in a garbled form. This may be an analogy of many people’s lives today; pulled into the dark prison of consumerism.


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Love to Mum

Mum’s favourite flowers – #cyclamens are looking beautiful in the garden for the first anniversary of her passing away.